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Home Router list

Here is a compatibility list between the miniupnp client and home routers.

BrandModelVersion Compatibility Comment
ASUSWL-500g DeluxeFirmware Version: Yes Test with miniupnpc20061110.tar.gz is OK.
But bitrate, bytes and packets number information are reported to zero.
AVMFRITZ!box fon WLAN 7170Firmware- Version 29.04.29 yes
BelkinF5D7230-49.01.10 yes We fighted to make it work. finally ok with miniupnpc-1.0
BelkinF5D8233-4V3 yes
BillionBiPAC 7401VGP R3 yes miniupnpc should use HTTP/1.0. version > miniupnpc-1.4.20091207
BillionBiPAC 7404VGOX yes miniupnpc should use HTTP/1.0. version > miniupnpc-1.4.20091207
BillionBiPAC 7404VGPX yes miniupnpc should use HTTP/1.0. version > miniupnpc-1.4.20091207
BillionBiPAC 7404VNOX yes miniupnpc should use HTTP/1.0. version > miniupnpc-1.4.20091207
BillionBiPAC 7404VNPX yes miniupnpc should use HTTP/1.0. version > miniupnpc-1.4.20091207
BTVoyager 210 long url based on a Broadcom BCM6338 chip. Needs MINIUPNPC_URL_MAXSIZE to 128
CiscoE-3000 yes
D-Link2640B yes
D-LinkDGL-4100 yes
D-LinkDI-514? NO Does not respond to M-SEARCH packets.
D-LinkDI-524H/W:B2, Firmware: 2.04TW Yes Test with miniupnpc20061110.tar.gz is OK
D-LinkDI-604Firmware v2.20 2003/06/20 Yes
D-LinkDI-624rev B fw v1.33 no answer to discovery but fails to execute SOAP methods. under investigation
D-LinkDIR-615 no port listing and status command works, port adding fail with code 501 (Action Failed)
D-LinkHorstbox DVA-G3342SB NO doesn't react to M-SEARCH packets
DrayTekVigor 2700 series2.8.2_1401302 yes
DrayTekVigor 2900 series2.5.6 yes Compatible since miniupnpc-1.0
DrayTekVigor2130nfw v1.5.0.1 no
EDIMAXBR-6504N partial GetExternalIPAddress doesn't work
FreeFreebox ADSLv5 yes
HuaweiHG520s yes
InventelLiveBox??? 100% Compatible Router supplied by orange/wanadoo in France
LevelOneWBR-3407A? yes Succesfully listed the forwarded ports and added a port forward.
LinkSysBEFW11S42.1 Compatible somewhat slow and buggy
LinkSysRTP300Fw 5.01.04 yes adds and deletes the port mapping
LinkSysWAG200G no ?
LinkSysWAG200Gfw 1.01.09 yes was not working before the fw update, so upgrade to 1.01.09 or up
LinkSysWRT54GFirmware Version : v4.20.7 yes !
MotorolaVT2442Hw rev2, Fw 11.4.1-r070201-1.3.2 yes adds and deletes the port mapping
NetcoreNW606V1.1.77 Chinese yes APR-M14H-V1.1.77CN-NETCORE(NW606)
NetGearDNGD3300v2 yes
NetgearMR814v2 yes
NetgearMR814v3 (fw v5.4_06) no reported to fail with miniupnpc
NetgearRP614v3 yes tested ok with miniupnpc20061031.tar.gz
NetGearWGR614 yes
NetgearWGT624v3 Yes 100%ok
NetGearWNDR3300 yes
NetGearWNR1000 yes
NetGearWNR3500L yes
NetGearWNR3500Lfw v1.2.2.30_34.0.37 yes
NetGearWPN824 yes
PLANETADE-3400B??? yes bitrate and other connection info are wrongly reported
SiemensGigaset SE551? Yes tested with miniupnpc20061112.tar.gz
SurecomEP-4904SX??? Compatible this router doesnt support UPNP_GetSpecificPortMappingEntry
ThomsonSpeedtouch 546??? yes
Thomsonspeedtouch 780??? yes
TP-LinkWR541Gv7 yes only IGDv1. complete version : 4.7.13 Build 101203 Rel.42256n
TP-LinkWR841N yes
TrendnetTW100-S4W1CA/AS yes
ZTEOrange Livebox5.2.14.1 yes
ZyXELPrestige 660H-61 yes

To help me fill this list, please send me by email the brand, model and version of your router and the test you made with the miniUPnP client available on the download page. Thanks.

Owners of a XBOX 360 may be interested by the compatibility list (archive) from Microsoft. If a device is marked as XBOX Live compatible, it is probably working with the MiniUPnPc library.

You can find a similar list on Mark Gillespie website (archive) : (archive).

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